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Akari Stars awarded at Pavilion Court

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Joanne, our Home Manager at Pavilion Court has been busy recognising the hard work of some her fellow colleagues by awarding Akari Stars this afternoon. 

Glenda our Home Administrator has been awarded a pink Akari Star for "being an invaluable support to me, she goes above and beyond to be helpful to staff, accommodating their wishes for off duty and supporting them with issues. Glenda has helped out in other homes and played a key part in inducting a new HA"

Amy our RMN has also been awarded a pink Akari Star for "developing immensely since starting at Pavilion Court, she has learnt so much and has made a huge difference to the quality of lives of the residents in her care. Visiting professionals and family members find her approachable, reassuring and confident and I have received many compliments about her since she started"

Congratulations to Amy & Glenda!